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November, 2012 Special Announcement


New and Improved! Port KY River Forum

Remember the discussions about cows in the water? Who was getting inspected for what? Or who was going to be where for the weekend?


I am happy to report that the new "Port KY River Forum" is up and running. Currently, it is in a test phase, where a few of our power users are running it through the wringer. You'll like the new features, such as enhanced avatars and profile pages, polling, and a calendar. Sponsors will have increased capabilities, such as the ability to create polls and have special signatures. The site is supported by security updates, and also features capabilities such as blogs and albums that can be enabled.

Once the bugs are verified, we'll send out a special notice and invitation to join. You should expect that in the next week or two.


Above, a behind-the-scenes look at producing an interactive forum.


Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com


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